Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Weekend Watch Film - Spartan

David, David, David fracking Mamet. I used to love Mamet, really love Mamet, but David and I have fallen out in recent times. Not because of his change in politics, and his sweeping generalisations about people with non-conservative views. Each to their own. A human being can change it's opinion on the world can't it? No crime there. The reason that Me & Mamet haven't been on speaking terms for a little while is the sheer lack of...oomph in his work recently. Where's the life gone? This is a man who wrote 'Three Uses of the Knife', a book about drama that has more passion in it than most drama scripts, but someone who seems to have gone off the boil and turned his back on the power of his best work. Thing is, I can't quite let him go. So this weekend we're watching Spartan (2004) with the hope the some of the Mamet vitality will return. There's a great looking cast with Val Kilmer, Derek Luke and William H. Macy and it's written and directed by Mamet after all, so it could, it could be good...

If you fancy braving it with us, then take a look at Spartan and let us know what you think. Do you still have faith?

Please be good.

Really, please be good.

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